As a special type of kraft paper, white kraft paper is white on both sides. In the packaging field, exquisite patterns will be printed on it to highlight the personality of the corporate brand. From the whiteness of paper, it can be divided into snow white kraft paper, high white kraft paper, and food-grade white kraft paper used for food packaging. This is also the paper used by KFC to wrap French fries.

Many people think that kraft paper handbags will be polluted in the production of kraft paper, because of the unbalanced economic development in our country. Although the paper mills in various parts of the country have been rectified, many places still retain them for the local economic development. This is what people question, so can paper mills keep up with the times, eliminate those production methods that pollute heavily, and solve the source problem, so that packaging manufacturers can produce products with environmentally friendly raw materials.

Some people think that, compared with other packaging materials, whether it is kraft paper or other such finished products, they can be recycled and reused, and they can be decomposed quickly after being thrown away, without any impact on the environment. For those paper tote bags that cannot be recycled and reused, do not throw them away as garbage to avoid waste.

Kraft Paper Bags

Those thicker kraft paper tote bags and kraft paper tote bags with reversed heads are all handmade. There is no machine for kraft paper tote bags, so they are all handmade. The production cost of such kraft paper tote bags is high. Not many. No matter what kind of kraft paper bag it is, a small number of it is purely handmade, because the damage to kraft paper bag made by machine is greater, and there is no way to solve the practice of small batches of kraft paper bag.

Generally speaking, whether the white kraft paper tote bag is environmentally friendly depends on the user. For some paper tote bags that cannot be recycled and reused, it is recommended that you do not throw them away and classify them correctly to facilitate garbage recycling.

Post time: Sep-07-2023