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Our zip lock bags are odorless, clear and 100% safe, which is suitable for packaging and shipping all types of merchandise. With a high quality reusable zipper on the top, you can put items in it and then easily zip it back. As a company insisting in environmental protection, we use compostable and bio-degradable materials that can protect our planet. Moreover, we are an expert on customization. Any personal business info can be printed on the zip lock bag. And samples in stock are FREE.

If you are looking for an economical packaging to ship clothing, toys or shoes, zip lock bag is your best solution. Hence, feel free to contact us for more details and FREE samples.

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Product Name Plastic ziplock bag
Material PE/CPE/EVA
Dimensions ALL custom sizes
Thickness Custom/60-200mircon
Color Custom print any pantone color ,Gravure printing /screen printing/gold stamping/UV printing
MOQ 50pcs/100pcs/500pcs/1000pcs
Samples fee Samples in stock are free
Lead time 7-16working days
Product Process Printing/bag making
Application Clothes ,ware packaging, gift packaging, fruit ,accessories
Advantages Sturdy, eco-friendly, protective ,waterproof

For apparel packaging, the popular choice is frosted /clear zip lock poly bags, all the bags are made of high quality LDPE, the materials can be recycled or biodegradable or compostable. different thickness, free moisture, you can choose air hole for your product too. these bags are reusable and can well for storage your clothes or some accessories, protective and good for shipping. For 100pcs we can custom printing your logo too, make your business name well known.

Products Information

Eco friendly zipper clothes packaging frosted plastic ziplock bag PE zip lock packaging bag with your logo

Eco friendly Custom Brand Logo Frosted Zipper PE Transparent Travel Bags Makeup Cosmetic Bikini Zip lock Slider Packaging Bag

Wholesale Custom Logo Transparent Frosted Clothing zip lock plastic Bags Printed Plastic Clothes Packaging Bag With Slide Zipper

Eco friendly custom factory price with your logo t-shirt packaging frosted zip lock plastic bags for clothes

Custom Logo Clear frosted Zip Lock Plastic Underwear Zipper Bikini Swimming Clothes Packaging Bag for apparel


Our ZIP LOCK BAGS are made of eco-friendly high-pressure polyethylene. They are usable and recyclable. The closure makes it very easy to close and open the bag repeatedly and guarantees that your products will be protected. Our zipper poly bags consist of good Quality plastic and resealable strip which can be used multiple times. 

Zip-locking keeps the contents safe for a long time. The products can be securely locked in with a seal that does not allow any spillage or contamination. It is an eco-friendly option that allows repackaging. These bags can be opened and closed several times without losing their locking ability.

Uses or applications: zipper bags are suitable for home use, storage, shipping, retail, promotional packaging purposes and customizable for any special use.

Advantage: zipper bag is a very flexible and adaptable form of packaging, which allows manufacturers to customize its shape, size and style as per their customers’ requirements. 

zipper bag is a very flexible and adaptable form of packaging, which allows manufacturers to customize its shape, size and style as per their customers’ requirements.   zipper bag is an extremely light-weight storage option that doesn’t require a lot of storage space either.   Since they don’t take up much storage space, they are also extremely easy to transport, thus reducing the carbon footprint during transportation. Since plastic is extremely durable and resistant to external influences, you can ensure your product is well-preserved at all times.

This in turn, helps you avoid losses due to wastage of inventory and also helps you bring about consistency in product delivery, thus increasing brand value. The high versatility of plastic allows for ease of reuse and recycling.   

In fact, these days’ companies are creating specialized zipper bag making machines that help you optimize on the recyclability of plastic. The durability offered by zipper bag also allows manufacturers to print eye-catching, high-quality custom designs, and thereby increase product visibility in a retail setting.   zipper bag is highly economical and can be used by all industries irrespective of their scale of operations.   

The cost-effectiveness of zipper bag is especially beneficial to small-scale product manufacturers as it allows access to standardised packaging options in spite of lower budgets.

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